about you

you think and create different.


You are an entrepreneur and constantly thinking about how you can build your own innovative company? You want to satisfy unfulfilled customer requirements and build up a complete business model ? Or would you like to contribute to a positive social and ecological change with your business model? Then take part in our Entrepreneur Program and check your business idea for direct implementation, sustainability and economic viability!

You are a Senior Executive and want to establish a new and innovative business model in your industry? You want to use the latest proven technologies in your company in a profitable way and thus make a sustained improvement? Or you are looking for the right business model for your innovative products and services? Are you active in research and science and checking the marketing opportunities of your products and processes? Then read up today our initiator program!

You want to contribute your knowledge and experience to young companies and support them on their growth path? Or would you like to invest in innovative startup companies and by that achieve an above-average return with predictable risks? You may also want to be a business angel and combine each other? Then get familiar with our investor program as soon as possible!



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