The Seven Key Questions affect the core of your business idea. They form the DNA of your future company and help you to illuminate your business idea from very different perspectives:

  • A clear description of your future customers,
  • the development of a very distinct picture of the customer problem to be solved by you,
  • a straight idea of the benefits you promise,
  • the compelling argument with which you position yourself against your competitors,
  • a critical look at what you expect on your target market,
  • first ideas about how you can make money with your business idea,
  • and finally, the deep conviction of why you are the right person now to implement this business idea alone or with others.

The longer you deal with these seemingly simple questions, the easier it will be for you to answer each question with only one sentence and thus explain the basic principles of your business idea in less than a minute in a so-called Position Statement.

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