PEP stands for Personal Entrepreneurship Points and is calculated by

  • the checklists you processed,
  • the business idea or the business model you drew up, and the derived business plan as well as
  • the entrepreneurial tests you have successfully completed.

In the process each of the three listed categories are included in the valuation to one third. 
There are different main activities depending on the development phase of your company.
Those are assigned to the online seminars and workshops listed below with the following PEPs:

Phase of development

Development object Seminar group (workshop series) PEPs
Pre-seed phase: Business idea Seven Key Questions 150
Seed phase: Business model Customers and segments 100
    Value proposition and "unfair advantage" 100
    Channels and relations 100
    Activities, resources and partners 100
    Revenues and costs 100
Start-up phase: Business plan Your Business Plan 150
Growth phase: Business processes Growth Management 100
    Internationalization 100
Sum total: - - 1,000


Thus, a maximum PEP of a total of 1,000 points can be achieved. A detailed breakdown of the corresponding number of points is specified at the individual online seminars:

Please note that the percentage always refers to the total achievable score of 1,000 points.
In this example, a total of 102 points have been achieved so far from the maximum of 150 points for the Seven Key Questions.
Based on the achievable total score of 1,000 points, this is 102 per mille or 10.2 percent.

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